Great design works on everything everywhere. From smartphone screens to HD monitors, the key to visual and technical impact is precision. » Workflow

Lead developer at Pretzil (ios, web/api, search, geolocation, social graph), published and award-winning artist (new media, interactive, performance) and a graphic designer (mockups, layouts and logos for all the above). » About


Consultation: pinpoint benchmarks (your industry's leaders), highlighting their strengths.

Proposal/Contract: verify project goals, resources, budget, and rough payment schedule.

Design Approval: sign-off on design elements and proposed functionality.

Build/Prepress: perform necessary tasks to prepare for launch or printing.


About, Cont'd

In addition to websites, my work has been featured in exhibitions, shows, magazines and interviews, newspapers, concert performances, night clubs, and permanent installations. And, recently, also university-level textbooks!

Career highlights include: lead developer at Pretzil (current), multiple performances/shows at The National Gallery of Canada, narration by Sir Anthony Hopkins for a video I developed for a charity, Artist in Residence of Artengine's Lab in Ottawa, and co-owner of a creative and gutsy initiative called Project 99.

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Some Clients and Employers

My client base is both corporate and eclectic, for big and small projects.

Sweater Girl

Project: character illustration of a contemporary and classy version of a 1950's pin-up drawing.

Obama Illustration

Project: constructivist/linework illustration of President Obama.

Bruce Boris

Project: illustration of killer robot cherub bunny with some different treatments (Myspace background, wallpaper, t-shirt design).

Logo of "Urban Drawing Ver 1"

Project: A logo-like illustration of my award-winning interactive installation.

Project 99 - Task Force

Project: A wallpaper for a HD screen.

Video Concept Art

Project: 2-color (black and white) promo poster.

Sweater Girl, Canada

Project: fashion photography, character illustration, logo, website design and build, business cards, Etsy storefront setup.

Klemmer & Associates

Project: style guide and web content guide for corporate identity upgrade (new subset logos, new section layouts and landing pages (inc. HTML/CSS template), new color sets

Nota Bene Gifts

Project: upgrade logo design and provide high quality vector (eps) versions.

Neil McDaniel

Project: layout and logo design, photo retouching, Joomla template, Content Management System (Joomla) install and customization.

Kindershield Agency

Project: logo, style guide and web manual, website design, business cards, Content Management System (Joomla) install, customization, and template.

Nikken University

Project: logo, style guide and web manual, Content Management System (Joomla) install and template, CMS extension customization, and in-house training for marketing dep't.

Milagro Grill

Project: photography, web content management system (Joomla) with template customization, rebuild logo.

Stephanie Kuhn

Project: Logo

Seniors On Site

Project: Logo, style guide, stationary, print ads, and beta website.

Joanna Rees

Project: Logo, website upgrade layout, photo management.

Classic Events

Project: Logo, website upgrade layout, business cards and folders.